Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.x (AACC) -- Call-by-call in Realtime

Some time ago a client asked if it is possible to show some information from call-by-call in real-time or closer to real-time than 15 minutes.

Officially it is not supported and basically I do not see why should someone need this information in real-time, but a client request is a client request :).

So, If you have a bunch of programmers around, you can ask them to look at the Event broker (EB) log in AACC. Something like D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\ccms_eb_*.log.

It is possible to create a real-time parser that will parse this log and present it in a user friendly mode.

Possible usage may include:
- ability to show information about calls while they are in queue (including DNIS, CLID, CDN)
(alternatively you can get this info using HDX - Send Info command)
- ???