Amazon Connect

Currently studying Amazon Connect  cloud call center platform.

Very interesting product, definitely would be interesting for many customers.
Ability to build IVR Chatbots out of the box are really impressive.

Available out of the box:

  •     Support for  5000+ agents
  •     DID/Toll-Free numbers provisioning
  •     IVR with graphical editor
  •     Agent Whisper
  •     Customer Whisper 
  •     Integration with external data sources (using Amazon Lambda)
  •     Text To Speech (using Amazon Polly)
  •     Speech recognition / IVR Chatbot (using Amazon Lex)
  •     Skill Based routing
  •     Real-time reporting
  •     Historical reporting
  •     Call recording
  •     Ability for supervisors to listen to calls in realtime
  •     Ability to call each individual extension
  •     Music/messages on hold 
  •     Messages in queue
  •     Basic Callback
  •     Softphone (webrtc)
  •     Or any phone with direct number
  •     Changing agent status from Softphone
  •     Supervisor can change agent status remotely
Available (requires development, API available)

  •     Screen Pop
  •     Outbound campaigns
  •     Scheduled callback
  •     Expected wait time messages in queue
  •     Custom reporting

Currently not available:

  •     Email to skillet 
  •     Web-chat to skillet
  •     SMS to skillset
  •     Voicemail
  •     Changing agent selection algorithm (only supports longest idle agents)
  •     Changing priorities of agents within skillsets - possible but painful 
  •     QM  (can integrate with other QM systems)
  •     WFM (can integrate with other WFM systems)