AACC 6.2 - How to convert Master_Script from graphical flow back to text

If you occasionally converted your Master_Script to graphical flow and now
realize what a nightmare to use it for day-to-day changes there is a way to convert
it back to text.

Starting from version AACC 6.3 you can do it officially from Orchestration Designer
but for AACC 6.2 and earlier you need some tweaking :)

1) Start Orchestration Designer
2) Select your CCMS server and copy it to Local view
3) Now go to the installation path of OD
C:\Program Files\Avaya\Contact Center\SCE\LocalData
4) Open file LocalWorkBenchModel.xml
5) Search for "Master_Script"
6) Change isFlow from YES to NO
7) close and reopen OD
8) Connect again to your CCMS
9) In Local view open Master_script - and change something (for example - you can add new comment)
10) Synchronize Local view with your CCMS
and you will see that Master_Script flow will be replaced with script version of Master_Script from Local view.