Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.x (AACC) -- Remote agent logout (AML only)

Avaya didn't offer remote agent logout feature in AACC 6.x AML until version 6.4

What you can do instead in version 6.3 and older releases -  de-acquire/re-acquire agent TN.

To de-acquire/re-acquire agent TN:

1) Open AACC web-interface (CCMA).
2) Go to Configuration - Phonesets and Voice Ports.
3) Find TN that you want to de-acquire.
4) Clear the Acquired check box to deacquire the phone or voice port.
After you select or clear the Acquired check box, click Refresh Status to refresh the Status box
5) Check again Acquired check box and clik Refresh.


After testing with 6.4 - new built-in functionality to logout agents remotely only works if an agent has CCT account. So, de-acquire/re-acquire agent TN is still useful.