Genesys PureConnect tools

 For those who wants to automate some operations in Genesys PureConnect I found those very helpful projects:

1) Directly from official Genesys github site - Command line tool that allows to interact with CIC server using ICWS API.


Direct link to download version compiled for windows:


What you can do with it:

* export user data from CIC server

* check user status

* make calls

* check call status

2) Collection of powershell scripts that also allows to interact with CIC server. It also uses ICWS API.

This one is written by several Genesys employees.


What you can do with it:

* export data from CIC server

* create users, workgroups

* bulk data creation (users, workgroups, skill etc...)

* update licenses

You can use it as a base to create your own automation scripts. 

I also suggest to check all the available forks of the project. Really nice. For example this one:


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