How to delete contact flow in Amazon Connect

 As you may know, it is impossible to delete contact flows directly from Amazon Connect web interface.

In the past, the only option was to rename unused flows by adding something like zzzz_ at the beginning of the name of contact flow.

Finally, AWS gives you the option to delete contact flows from AWS CLI or by using Amazon Connect API.


1. Go to AWS Management Console

2. Open AWS CLI (also known as AWS CloudShell)

3. Type following command

aws connect delete-contact-flow --instance-id <instance-id> --contact-flow-id <contact-flow-id>


aws connect delete-contact-flow --instance-id 818ab265-dd50-476b-976c-0ce5fac38847 --contact-flow-id 83e19628-86b7-4b8a-b343-2cb8e4249631

4. You would need to know instance-id of Amazon Connect

You can learn how to do it here (in the web interface)


Or you can type the following command in CloudShell:

aws connect list-instances 

and it would return all Amazon Connect instances

5. You would need to know contact flow id 

How to find out contact flow id:


Or again you can do it directly in CloudShell:

aws connect list-contact-flows --instance-id <instance-id>

6. Last but not least.

You can also delete contact flow modules the same way:

aws connect delete-contact-flow-module --instance-id <instance-id> --contact-flow-module-id <contact-flow-module-id>

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