Estimated Wait Time for Chat in Amazon Connect

 Some time ago I presented a method of calculating Estimated Wait Time (EWT) using Lambda function that in turn uses Amazon Connect API to get this info.

The same function can be also used to calculate EWT for chats and then you can display EWT to clients.

Step 1.

Add the same Lambda function getEWT that I mentioned in my previous article.

Step 2.

Now we can add this Lambda function to the contact flow used by chat.

1) Add Set Working Queue block

2) Add Set contact attributes block with UserDefined attribute statInterval that allows you to provide a statistical interval for which we will calculate estimated wait time.

In my case, I use 15 minutes.

3) Now invoke lambda function getEWT

4) After that we need to get the result of it by using Check contact attributes block. It will be in External attribute EWT.

5) Based on the value of EWT you can show different messages using Play prompt blocks.

Here is complete flow:

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