Amazon Connect new features

 Amazon Connect having a blast this April.

They released multiple nice features. Some of them are really desired by many clients.

Full list is here:


What's new:

  • Play prompts from an Amazon S3 bucket
You can finally specify a path to prompt file. No need to create prompts and load them into Amazon Connect. That makes it easier to manage prompts. 
I have several articles about ability to disable/enable certain prompts in the IVR (Emergency Messages).
With this new functionality of Amazon Connect I can make it more flexible and use prompts directly from S3 bucket.

  • CloudTrail support for queues and routing profiles
Now Amazon Connect allows to track all the changes made for users, queues and routing profiles. System allows to track who did the change, when, and what was changed. Super important to keep track of all the changes in contact center.

  • Multi-party calls
Agent can now have multi-party call for up to 6 participants (before it was only up to 3 participants).

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